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RATS! aka Lyka did something today.

Sooooo…I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, and by this I mean make my own wet specimen. Well, it seems I’ve actually made two if you want to get technical. Anyway, these two are Faustus (the one on the bottom) and Mephistopheles (the one on the top). They are a pair of small rats that I nabbed from the freezer of the local Petsmart. Nest time I think I’ll get some of the mice since I found a lovely. smaller bottle the would work nicely for a mouse or two. These two were meant for feeding to snakes/other reptiles, and I figured these two would make for very good test subjects for my first attempts at wet specimen preservation. It also helps that they’re absolute freakin’ adorable.

Anyway, one thing I thought was particularly interesting about these boys (and yes, they’re both boys) is that they’re both albino. That itself, though very interesting, is not actually the thing I found most interesting. What I thought to be the coolest thing is due to the fact that albino animals get that red eye coloration from blood running behind their eyes that isn’t blocked from view due to pigment, and because of this these two have translucent eyes. Isn’t that really neat? Well, I thought it was really cool. When I was fussing with them earlier I took a look at their eyes and thought it was nifty. Maybe I just have boring tastes.

So, yes, these are the newest creatures to be added to my growing critter collection. Everyone say “hi” to Faustus and Mephistopheles. they’re very happy to meet you.

I’m definitely looking forward to make more wet specimens in the future. This was definitely an enjoyable process, and I already have some more plans. Hope you guys think these guys are as cool as I do.