Do You Have Any Monkey?

Moderately Grumpy Scientist

Part-Time Rapscallion

This is a blog. It's my blog. I'm here to post whatever floats my boat. Sometimes I'm serious, but usually not. I like answering questions and making lists. I'm pretty easy to get along with, or at least that's what people tell me. Perhaps, I'm just boring.

I like a number of things from cartoons to science to Wes Bentley and Cirque du Soleil. I'd label my blog as something, but...well, you know.

I like to draw, but don't expect me to put up much on here. Maybe if you ask me nicely.
rachelorium sent: ...I now recall you reblogging things from it before, my brain was derping on me. HOLY EVERLASTING CAT YAY! I'm not entirely sure why this makes me so happy.

You’d be surprised then. I have a very long list of musicals I enjoy.